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Drop your phone off with us

If you’re in a rush or need to be somewhere, you don’t have to stand about, waiting for your electronics to be repaired! Simply drop it off with instructions or any information you find fundamental, and we’ll take a look at your device and offer an on-the-spot quote and diagnosis. Then you can leave the rest to us. We’ll contact you once we’re done with the repairs. This can range from a quick replacement, to sending it off to the bigger companies and waiting weeks for a solution.

Quick repairs at affordable prices

From screen replacements to laptop software installation to charging port replacement, our competent technicians cover it all, for a decent price. We don’t just supply quick repairs that can relapse within a fortnight: we offer quality repairs that last longer than others, thanks to our technicians’ training and experience. For that reason, the quality of our repairs match our prices: you won’t find anyone else who ticks all the boxes like we do!

Best Electronics Repairs in Levenshulme

All of our repair technicians are fully trained and have years of experience under their belts to analyze and fix your electronics. Housed in the local area, we’re one of the best electronics repairs services in the region. We pride ourselves on our tech-savvy diagnoses and seek to provide exceptional service, placing our customers’ needs at the heart of Mobile World.

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